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Meet the business owner

Who I Am

Fareed Saadeh J.

Business Owner

Fareed worked for a heating and air conditioning company for 11 years honing his skills before venturing out on his own. With 19 years in this field, he is the expert in heating, air conditioning, ventilation & air duct service. Customer satisfaction in the #1 priority!

Schedule a HVAC Service

Setting the appointment is an opportunity to give an estimate of the service/s that your furnace/air conditioner/heat pump/boiler/water heater, may need. Our technician will start by asking you some questions, then ask you permission to do a brief survey of your home. During that time, he'll take some measurements to determine if your ductwork has adequate capacity and you have properly sized equipment. after that, he will be prepared to show you some choices to consider. All this will take from 30-60 minutes depending on your questions. He'll stay as long as you wish. 

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